Based on the data that clients provide us (such as ideas, sketches, plans, technical specifications and photographs, among others), we work using sophisticated technologies: CAD, 2D, 3D and FEM we elaborate projects with all the necessary documentation to be able to build them:

  1. Mechanical engineering, industrial design of machinery and tools
  2. Basic and detailed engineering
  3. CAD drawings and 3D models
  4. Industrial Designs
  5. Modification of 3D designs and technical drawings
  6. Mechanical design from scratch or from a 3D (Inverse Engineering)
  7. Calculation reports

We have a clear and transparent work methodology from the first moment the client contacts us, so we take care of the industrial and mechanical design following all specifications.

It should be noted that we take care of the development of the project, including all the necessary documentation so that the work is completely in order.

You can contact us right here quickly and easily. We will immediately put ourselves at your entire disposal to take care of the industrial and mechanical design that you really need.