In our company we have extensive experience in mechanical design and manufacturing, with a team of qualified professionals to advise you from the first moment.

Among the multiple projects we have carried out throughout all these years, stand out cabins and industrial facilities, manufacture and assembly of special custom machinery and the start-up of handling systems, storage, transport, industrial handling, fillers, strapping machines, case erectors, palletizers machinery of industrial packaging and packaging.

We work with great professionalism and responsibility, using techniques that ensure the highest quality in the work and listening to the needs of all our clients.You can contact us now and we will immediately put ourselves at your entire disposal.

  1. Design Technical drawings
  2. Manufacturing draws
  3. Taking measurement and delineation of any type of machine
  4. Inverse Engineering
  5. Lay outs
  6. Bill of materials (reflecting all the components that make up the complete project proyecto completo